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Remote. Deskless. Front line – however you describe them, they’re your employees. With the modern-day shift to the digital sphere, mobile apps are all about how to optimize the consumer experience.

But here at Alvacomm, it’s our mission to make today’s businesses future-proof to the core. That’s why our mobile app service offerings go beyond consumer relations, instead, focusing on empowering your business through worker-focused apps.

Mobile apps are nothing new in the world of business – in fact, organisations who are not currently implementing them are going to find themselves left behind. That’s because mobile apps are more than just another way to transition into the digital age – they’re integral tools that will enable your organisation to thrive in a way that has never been seen before. Unlike digitizing paper through PDF forms, our mobile app service offerings get rid of the need for paper entirely


In today’s world, paper processes are becoming more costly, cumbersome, and inconvenient, than their accessible digital counterparts. This is true not only for businesses but also for the environment.

For companies cutting into areas of improvement like efficiency, productivity, and a decrease in costs – going paperless for the day-to-day minutiae, is our masterful solution. While this may seem daunting, Alvacomm has 30 years of experience in the world of IT, and we make the process as fast and efficient as possible. The entire app creation process is intuitive, and custom tailored to your specific requirements and operational style.



Assess objects & activities in the field like PPE safety, customer visits, & fire equipment


Stay organized & get things done by creating and capturing to do lists & tasks in the field


Paperlessly gather billable hours, cost codes, site visits and more from your team


Build forms with line item, auto-totalling and more, tailored to your process


Log key information and produce custom PDFs with photographs, GPS and more


Build & maintain lists of items such as property, goods or the contents of a building


Record the details of an event that occurred such as injuries, hazardous leaks, & accidents


Identify defects and track performance in the workplace & out in the field

Don't know where to start?


Perhaps the most prominent pain point for employees across various industries is that their email inboxes are overflowing, their paperwork is stacking up and they are struggling to keep up with the pace of the work. Even so-called collaborative tools can actually pose a problem due to the near-constant interruptions and the way that need-to-know information gets completely lost in the shuffle of everyday minutia.

Alvacomm’s mobile apps are less about adding another information channel, and more about reducing the volume of paperwork noise, by pulling together numerous information silos into a single streamlined, accessible app.


Input, store and handle data that is not only precise but is added in real-time, saving employees from taking any time out to compete backlogs of documentation. Plus, with a data-driven app, even filling out any actual paperwork is made simpler. Businesses may choose to employ templates tailored to specific targets, which automates the process.

Often, readability is higher on a digital interface as opposed to a physical form, thus eliminating any issues with legibility. By going paperless, businesses can send documents to clients, sub-contractors, and other associates in real-time. This reduces snail mail, scanning, and the time and costs associated with these processes.


Efficiency is the cornerstone of any successful enterprise. When you minimize time spent on busywork, your employees can redirect their efforts into more critical, value-add tasks. Paperwork has to be completed, then filed and organised into a comprehensive system. With mobile apps, you can cut these processes down to a minimum. Going paperless means less time spent on traditionally paper-intensive clerical work and more time improving business operations.


Your business will save more than just paper by implementing a paperless practice. Money spent on paper related resources like printers, ink, toner, physical storage, and postage, are just a few elements that when reduced, will save you money. When organisations make the switch to a paperless system.

And this goes further.

Your organisation will save more than just the physical costs of printing and paper. A more efficient office will help to produce a higher ROI. The reason is simple: since employees are paid for their time, the more that they spend their time doing value-add work, instead of manual paperwork, the more return you’ll see on the investment in them.


Physical copies of important documents can prove to be a significant liability for your company. Sensitive files can be easily damaged or otherwise compromised, and this is compounded by the fact that paperwork is often misfiled or stolen. Your customers or clients should be able to have 100% trust in your business and its processes, which means it’s time to ditch the locked filing cabinet and shredder – and embrace the possibilities of a mobile app.

The paperless approach delivers a much higher level of security for both your business and your customers’ sensitive data – by storing and organising data that is non-physical and thus cannot be reached by just anybody. Plus, cloud-based technology can provide back-ups in the unlikely case of an emergency. For businesses located in geographically precarious regions, going paperless with mobile apps is the best defence against natural disasters, ensuring your sensitive data will not be lost.


Lack of cohesion, frequent miscommunication, data entry mistakes, and transactional inaccuracies are just accepted as part and parcel of paperwork. But at Alvacomm, we don’t believe errors have a place in paperwork. After all, errors cost businesses money and their reputation. With our mobile app services, you can significantly reduce the chances of errors occurring

We took the parts, platforms, and providers – and packaged them neatly into a future-proof point for businesses that can be integrated with the following data sources


Google BigQuery

Insert Form entry data into a BigQuery database. Push data via Form & Task Connectors


Share & store files to Engyte’s enterprise cloud storage platform.

Amazon S3

Generate & upload file outputs with secure & highly-scalable object storage.


Plug into almost any external web service that exposes a REST API.

Email Send custom
emails & files

Automatically trigger emails when issues aris


Create & send custom SMS text messages via web service APIs.


Attach custom file outputs to a management solution to share real-time job data.


Generate & upload custom file outputs to existing entities in your Salesforce account.

Azure Blob Storage

Generate & upload custom file outputs to save in your Azure Blob Storage.

FTP Server

Generate, upload & transfer custom file outputs over a TCP-based network.

OneDrive For Business

Generate & upload custom file outputs to your OneDrive Business account.

SharePoint Document

Generate & upload files to Microsoft’s document management platform.


SharePoint List

Insert Form entry data as rows into a SharePoint List to organize information.

SQL Server

Insert Form entry data as rows into a SQL Server database.



Reporting & dashboarding made easy. Push Form entry data into a PowerBI dataset.

Google Drive

Generate & upload custom file outputs to save in your Google Drive account.



Generate & upload custom file outputs & access them across all devices.


Generate & upload custom file outputs to save in your Box account.


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